About Tone Deaf Records

The Tone Deaf Story!

The idea of Tone Deaf Records was conceived when Tony (the owner) realized he spent massive amounts of time at other peoples record stores and thought it would be more fun to have people spend time at his own. There was also the fact that he had stuffed his basement with too many records and needed to do something about it. The easiest solution was to start his own store. And for the brilliant name, that came about one drunken night hanging out at Ted's Place (best bar in Portage Park) with like minded friends. Honestly, the store is a labor of love and a place for people to discover new music, old music, see a band play from time to time and a most importantly a place to hang out and talk about music. Hopefully it is as exciting for the customers as it is for Tony and his staff. Tone Deaf specializes in selling new & used punk, metal, rock, jazz, soul, reggae, hip-hop and a ton of other genre's.