Tone Deaf Records

Tone Deaf Records is an independent record store located in the lovely Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago. We carry new and used records, CD's, shirts, record cleaning kits, and other fun stuff for the vinyl junkie. We specialize in punk, metal, jazz, soul, indie, classic rock and a ton of other musical genres. We have been open since June of 2019 and look forward to your visit. Drop in and say hi when you are in the hood!

Recent News 5/15/2021

Hi there!!This week is just one of those weeks where the record labels and artists decided to bombard us with a ton of great new releases. Soooo much good music, so little time!!

Sooooo, Record Store Day is starting to creep up on us here. They have divided it up into two drops this year: June 12th and July 27th. We went a bit nuts this time around and ordered a lot of stuff so we hope to get all your wishlist items in. Right now we are not quite sure how we will be doing it all but it probably wont be too far off from what we did last year...which turned out safe and good for everyone involved. Stay tuned for more info. 

We also are looking forward to celebrating our two year anniversary this summer. We unfortuantely werent able to have anything last year to celebrate our one year anniversary, so this year we are toying with some ideas that could get everyone involved in a safe manner. Chances are we wont have a party or anything like that but might be looking to do raffles and fundraisers, all with the idea of  donating to some local charities we love. More info later as we are still brainstorning ideas. 

We got a ton of new releases in the last few weeks.  New Black Keys, St. Vincent, Sons Of Kemet, Andrew Hill Tone Poet Series reissue, Motorpsycho, Seefeel reissues!!!, King Gizzards latest opus, The Screamers first legitimate reissue, The Chills, Arcade Fire, etc etc etc, full list below!!

New Releases as of 5/15/2021

We Buy Records

If you have any records you would like to sell for cash or store credit, you can bring them by the shop or give us a call to setup a house call.