Tone Deaf Records

Tone Deaf Records is an independent record store located in the lovely Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago. We carry new and used records, CD's, shirts, record cleaning kits, and other fun stuff for the vinyl junkie. We specialize in punk, metal, jazz, soul, indie, classic rock and a ton of other musical genres. We have been open since June of 2019 and look forward to your visit. Drop in and say hi when you are in the hood!

Recent News 3/27/2020

Hello everyone!! First off we would like to give a huge thanks to everyone that has been supportive of the shop during this crazy time. There are so many good people out there and sometimes it takes a tragedy to see it all. We want to thank everyone for the kind words, support and love. We also want to thank everyone out there that have to deal with this pandemic on the front lines. Health care workers, scientists, delivery drivers, everyone. We have a bit of a road ahead of us but I know we will be OK with all the great folks out there stepping up to the plate. 

We are still doing free local deliveries to get the goods to all you quarantined folks. The best way to get records for delivery is to order through this website. We will call you once the order is complete and work out the details for delivery. You can also call us if you are looking for anything in particular. We have been having a fun time curating records for folks as well so if you are feeling ambitious and want to try some new music, we will be more than happy to pick out some records for you. 

So we have a bunch of great new releases in....and some that are still coming in. Unfortunately we have had delayed packages and so we still have some new stuff on its way....and yes, the Pearl Jam records will be here....but not until Monday. Sorry. There's still a ton of other good stuff listed below. 

Events Calendar

Record Store Day 2020!!

Hello all you happy vinyl lovers!! We wanted to send a quick email to tell you all that Tone Deaf Records is participating in Record Store Day this year. We are excited to be a part of all the hooplah and to bring weird and limited releases to the masses. Record Store Day this year is on Saturday June 20th.  The shop will open at 8:00 AM and we plan on having a nice, organized and easy going shopping experience for you all. AKA, it will not be a free for all, we will honor everyone's places in line. We have a few fun and exciting events lined up for the shop including some giveaways, DJ's and some other goodies. Stay tuned for more info. 

There are a few things that we must make clear about record store day....

1) All of the releases are limited, some way more than others. We cannot guarantee we will be getting everything we ordered, but we will be sending an email out to let people know what we received a few days before Record Store Day
2) We cannot hold anything for anyone. We have been asked this by many people, and the answer is no. Sorry. We cannot jeopardize our ability to participate in future Record Store Day's because a few people don't want to get up early. Remember, this is a record lovers community event, all about hanging out in (and in front of) record stores with like minded folks. Its part of the fun!!
3) Lets have fun. It is our first Record Store Day and we are excited to be a part of it!!

We Buy Records

If you have any records you would like to sell for cash or store credit, you can bring them by the shop or give us a call to setup a house call.