Record Cleaning Services

Here at Tone Deaf Records, we understand that a clean record is a happy record, and also one that sounds and plays much better than a dirty one. A lot of records collect grime, dust and other particles over time which degrades the quality & sound of the record as well as putting wear on your phonograph player. We offer a solution to this problem with our record washing services.

Tone Deaf has a professional grade record washing machine that we use for our records, and now for yours. The machine is an ultrasonic record cleaner. It submerges the records in a solution and creates ultrasonic bubbles and waves that get into the grooves and dislodges dirt and grime. This is a no-touch cleaning device which avoids the use of brushes, vacuums and rags, all of which create unwanted static. The end result is a record that plays with less background noise and with more detail and frequency range. The ultrasonic cleaner is a great machine that we have been using for years with great success.


Record cleaning services are $1.00 (plus tax) per record per washing. We can add a new outer poly-sleeve and white inner-sleeve for an additional $.50 per record. Bring in your records or give us a call for more info.

Please note that faulty pressings and physical damage such as cracks, warping, and scratches will not be corrected by the cleaning service.