Tone Deaf Tapes


In 2021 we decided to start a tape label. We had always wanted to do a label that was associated with the shop and being that vinyl is expensive and the turnaround for a release is close to a year we decided to start a tape label where we could put out local artists affordably and quickly. So Tone Deaf Tapes was born! Tone Deaf Tapes focuses on experimental, lo-fi, ambient, and the just plain weird, which there is plenty of out there. We want to keep it local in the Chicagoland area and all tapes will be pressed once and in small batches. If you are interested in releasing something with us, please email us at


The Pants "Self Titled" Cassette TDT-001


Ambient solo project of Tony (Tone Deaf's owner) that he recorded in total boredom during the pandemic, and it actually turned out really good. According to Tony it's "music" that he created as a soundtrack for getting sucked up into a UFO. Eight mellow songs to fall asleep and dream to. 

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Halve Maen Station "Self Titled" Cassette TDT-002

Stellar guitarist and friend of the shop Costa's solo ambient project. Instrumental psychedelic flavored guitar drone with unconventional structures to keep it interesting and unique. In Costa's words:

"Purge. Loop. Corrupt. Repeat.
No destination.
No resolution.
Moments frozen and relived." 

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Prokharchin "Ardea Herodias" Cassette TDT-003

Ardea herodias is the debut release from Prokharchin. Analog synth bliss reminding us of 70's sci-fi soundtracks, Brian Eno and all your favorite thriftstore new age records. It's an amazing release. 
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Midnight Minds "Angsty Bodies" Cassette TDT-004

Chicago duo Midnight Minds drops a new release of their wonderful improvisational instrumental work. Incorporating guitar & violin over keyboards and laid back beats, its got a little drone, a little new age, a little psychedelic, but its all gorgeous, adventurous and soothing. Excellent stuff here folks!!

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