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Brooklyn Sounds legendary 1971 debut album, full of heavy Nuyorican underground salsa dura propelled by raw trombones and in-your-face percussion, born of the barrio streets and the band's Caribbean heritage. Fully authorized by producer Bobby Marin, with liner notes detailing the Brooklyn Sounds story, featuring never-before seen photos and pressed on 180g vinyl. In the bustling rhythm-filled streets of 1970s New York, where the Latin music scene pulsated with energy, one clandestine project emerged from the shadows to become a hidden gem of raw, unfiltered musical brilliance -- the legendary Brooklyn Sounds! album. Crafted by the audacious Bobby Marin, a maestro with an appetite for risk, this masterpiece is not just an album; it's a sonic rebellion that echoes the untamed spirit of the city. The iconic album cover, a creation of the visionary Charlie Rosario, is a testament to the band's urban roots. A stark, black-and-white photograph of a snow-clad fire escape, rendered with high contrast, encapsulates the hard realities of the city that birthed Brooklyn Sounds' unmistakable sound. It's not just an album cover; it's a visual manifesto, a slice of New York's gritty soul frozen in time. As the reels rolled in the studio, capturing the essence of guaguancó, son montuno, bomba, and Latin soul, the band's music spoke to the streets, telling tales of broken romance, Santería, Puerto Rican roots, and the unbridled revelry of the city that never sleeps. The recording exuded a savage, smoggy vibe, full of heavy Nuyorican underground salsa dura propelled by raw trombones and in-your-face percussion. Released under the audacious Salsa Records -- a name that turned heads and raised eyebrows -- Brooklyn Sounds! broke free from the mold, refusing to be confined by mainstream expectations. The LP became a sought-after treasure, transcending its low-budget origins. This hidden jewel, with its relentless rhythms and untamed spirit, never succumbed to the airwaves controlled by the big labels. It's a rebellion against the establishment, a testament to the band's refusal to conform. While Brooklyn Sounds may not have soared to mainstream heights, its impact echoes through collector circles worldwide, from Toronto to Tokyo, where enthusiasts crave the rare, the raw, and the rebellious. So, dive into the infectious beats, feel the authenticity pulsating through every track, and let Brooklyn Sounds! take you on a journey back to the untamed streets of 1970s New York.