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The creation myth behind Temptation weaves a tale of reinvention nearly as fantastic (in both meanings of the word) as that of its lead performer Chaino. The clatter of jungle birds, the chatter of frolicsome monkeys, and the gruff bellow of a majestic lion all conspire to challenge the woofer and tweeter of any listener’s hi-fi.

Since its initial very limited commercial release exclusively on stereophonic reel-to-reel tape circa 1960, this long-player has occasionally made cameo appearances in record shops throughout the years, trickling out in limited numbers in a variety of formats, each iteration under a novel title and a different label.

Temptation: The Exotic Sounds of Chaino is a hi-fi demonstration record of one bit of ironclad truth: the reason Chaino — who relocated to the ultimate exotic paradise in 1999 — is known as the self-styled “genius of African percussion” is that he merely anticipated that the rest of us admirers of his prodigious percussive prowess would soon enough bestow upon him those rightly deserved honors. This album’s long-overdue wider release should create many more such acolytes. And that’s no lie.

-- Gaylord Fields (Radio presenter, programmer, and personality WFMU)