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New - Dopelord - Songs For Satan - LP

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"UNHOLY FEVER" solid yellow vinyl version!

"Songs for Satan is a moment of critical mass for Warsaw, Poland's Dopelord. A blast of devil-worship in the riffing realms is nothing new, and while they aren't the first band to openly embrace the motif, their amplified heresy is uniquely triumphant, their fuzz-drenched apostasy genuine and glorious. Songs for Satan showcases the band's equal mastery of lumbering plod and silvery hooks, and mines Polish Catholicism's decades of oppression for lyrical fuel. Tracks like 'Satan's Call,' 'The Chosen One,' 'One Billion Skulls' and 'Worms' are pointed in their defiance of the church's cultural dominance, even while managing to be contagiously singable at the same time. Calling to mind Electric Wizard, Windhand, Beelzebong and Acid King, Songs for Satan is Dopelord's apex, an iconoclastic milestone that rumbles the earth and shakes our figurative foundations."