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"Cover boy Harry Smith shines thanks to a cheeky, never-before published photo by Allen Ginsberg. We celebrate the life and work of the self-described 'ethnopharmacologist' just in time for the release of John Szwed's illuminating biography and Smith's first one-person art exhibition, at the Whitney, with three killer, well-illustrated features (on his Anthology of American Folk Music, an interview by Marc Masters with Szwed, and a terrific dive into Smith's relationship with fellow visual artist and filmmaker Jordan Belson by Raymond Foye). Also featuring: Andy Beta on the reissue of a forgotten Lou Reed record; excerpts from two revelatory works -- Andy Zax's Extinctophonics, and Christina Ward's Holy Food; Kathy Lindenmayer witnesses a show by Boygenius; an archival interview with fabric arts pioneer and Bauhaus OG, Anni Albers; Michelle Dove visits Cincinnati to write about what made Jenny Mae's work so special; an illustrated Advance Base tour diary by Owen Ashworth; Tamara Palmer considers the oddball career arc of Orbital; Andy Beta goes deep on Tetsu Inoue; Nate Lippens goes off on Rene Ricard and other obsessions; Michelle Dove on Cat Power's sense of humor; the triumphant return of the Unstapled column, with reproductions of a contemporary basketball fanzine. Illustrations throughout by Marly Beyer. Columns by Lucy Sante, Mimi Lipson, Dwight Pavlovic, and editor Mike McGonigal. Tributes to Sixto Rodriguez, Esp Summer, and Pee-Wee Herman."