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New - Paranoid - Satyagraha - LP

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Our first album is a manic, noise-drenched d-beat assault. 10 tracks that capture us at our rawest and most aggressive period up to this date.

Pressing: 750 copies
Comes w/ obi strip and free download code

Recorded in Empire Studio, December 2014 - February 2015. Engineered and produced by Jocke D-takt. Mixed and mastered at Noise Room, March 2015 by Shigenori Kobayashi. Executive Tokyo assistance by Motökaaos. "Hoppou No Kurayami" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Talkback, April 2015. Written and performed by El Parador.

Back-up vocals on “Kaihou” by Nils Landin. Guitar solos on “Nangijala” by Johan Landin. Digital noise by Christian Augustin.

Layout by Andrew Morgan (front/back) and Jocke D-takt (booklet).

"Whether you’re the old guy at the bar with the Discharge tattoo, or the 14 year-old who just discovered punk, Paranoid will bring out your inner discontent. D-beat is an interesting genre, either you do it well, or you don’t. Paranoid, dare I say, have completely mastered the genre and everything from their tone to their album artwork embodies what it means to be in a d-beat band. There is no bullshit attached to this record"
- CVLT Nation