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It’s no secret that few music scenes have ever matched the sheer animal ferocity, vitriol, and urgency on display in those first few legendary years of American Hardcore. Of that scene’s flagship groups, perhaps none better exemplify the aforementioned traits than Portland’s greatest export, POISON IDEA. As the early years of their existence have become mythologized through the passage of time, oral tradition, and fuzzy recollections, complete documents of that era are more valuable than ever. As such, TKO Records is proud to present Young Lords: Live At The Metropolis, 1982. Mixed and mastered from the original multi-track audio from their May 5th, 1982 show at The Metropolis in Portland, Oregon, Young Lords exemplifies the primal freneticism that made Poison Idea an American Hardcore institution. Replete with now-classic staples of their early catalogue, pitch perfect covers of songs by contemporaneous acts like JFA and SOA, and quintessential JERRY A. stage banter (“Our drum player’s on acid; Just leave the lights off.”), Young Lords serves as both a historical snapshot of a young band firing on all cylinders and a not so gentle reminder of that band’s enduring legacy. Delivered, as always, with due attention to detail, Young Lords is presented here in a deluxe “Pig Note” layout, including a gatefold sleeve with a bound in 12-page booklet that features previously unpublished photos and flyers, as well as an 11.5” x 23” poster insert. For either the neurotic completist or the newcomer in search of an introductory crash course to one of punk’s most enduring and unassailable bands, Young Lords is a vital artifact. Limited to a one-time pressing of 1,500 copies on black vinyl.