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New - Tonstartssbandht - An When - LP

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Fire Talk is proud to present three early Tonstartssbandht albums reissued digitally & on color vinyl for the first time . “An When”, “Dick Nights” & “Hymn” are a snapshot from the earliest days of the Florida brother's vast 18 album catalog that provides a distinct starting point from which the band has journeyed. Through years of constant touring, the duo’s songs have both taken shape and changed shape, yet maintained their long, languid tendencies, full of open musical questions and temporary answers. Far from what FADER calls “psychedelia’s most intriguing upstarts,” the band’s “time-warped explosion of folksy jams designed to transport you out of this world” (Pitchfork) have become their own distinct object. Each reissue provides a photograph that perfectly encapsulates Tonstartssbandht at a single moment in their evolution. Now critically-acclaimed statesmen who staked out their own territory in the underground music of the early aughts, the reissued recordings feel both transcendent and intimate, a portal into a lineage of music that feels laden with possibility and exploratory wonder.