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New - V/A - Milagros del Ritmo: Obscure and Rhythmic Tunes From 1988-1991 Selected by Jose Manuel - 2xLP

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Milagros del Ritmo is the third release of Harmonie Exotic, a label focused on reissues and compilations of obscure tracks. The producer Jose Manuel, already known for his releases on Optimo Records, Music for Dreams, and other labels, has selected ten rare tracks from 1988 to 1991. Starting as a DJ, Jose Manuel has developed over the years a passion for vinyl collection. This passion has also turned into work by creating the above-mentioned label with the aim of bringing back the art of the past. Milagros del Ritmo starts with the sexy voice of Debbie McKayle in "Necesito tu Amor". Her vocal mood is reminiscent of "Sueño Latino". The compilation continues with "Abadan" by Mondo Bagdad, who combined Arabic sounds with new beat. Also, in "Zena (Dub)" there are influences from the Middle East and the first Chicago house. The next track, "Mescla Del House", released in very late '80s, sees Spanish vocals with the drum Roland TR-808. Then the compilation moves from synth-pop with "Radio Arabesque" to the Balearic downtempo of "Waves" by Ambionix to EBM sounds with "Yoshua" by Danton's Voice. A brilliant selection of ten obscure, but at the same time floor killer tracks. Also features BadouCettle Crew & BimboEthno LeagueTrio BalkanaBandanaMore For, and Robin Hilbig.