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New - V/A - Roots From The Record Smith In Dub - LP

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"You know we had to do it, so here's the near companion dub album to our recent Roots from the Record Smith compilation. This LP features the B-side dub versions from the original 45's of almost all the tracks from the vocal comp, nearly all taken from master tapes. For the curious and studious, here's a breakdown of the deviations from the vocal LP. Track A3, the dub version to 'Heading For the Mountain', is a previously unreleased mix, in that it does not contain the explosion sound fx heard on the original 45 -- these fx were added during the master cutting for the original 45 and are not on the master tape! Likewise, the original dub to Black Oney's 'Jah Jah Send the Parson', titled 'Version Stormy Weather' with storm sound FX was done the same way, and that version has been added here in place of a version to I Roy's 'Look a Boom.' Our previous reissue of the Black Oney single contained a raw rhythm cut and not this dub version with FX. Lastly, in place of a version for the Heptones 'Tripe Girl' (sadly no version of the Heptones or I Roy was ever released!), we've added the version to Black Oney's 'Festival '75', as found only on the impossibly rare original blank 45 release. Our previous issue of that one was backed with the Prince Far I cut on the same rhythm. A final note, the last track on this album is the dub to Ronnie Davis' 'Power of Love', titled 'King Tubby's In Fine Stile', and widely recognized as one of the King's all-time best mixes. If you don't know, get to know. This one alone is worth the price of admission." Comes in green or orange print.